Governance and Control

Procurement Governance

Procurement at UMW is governed by a structured and tiered system comprising of Core Policies, Operational Procedures and Control Mechanisms via the UMW Group’s Procurement Guidelines and Supplier Registration Guidelines.

It covers all type of purchases (capital expenditure/operating expenditure/trade) made by all businesses in the countries in which the Group operates. These key principles and procedures shall also serve as guidelines in establishing the detailed procurement procedures at all divisions and SBUs.

1. Procurement Guidelines (PG)

As stated in the ‘Introduction’ to the Procurement Guidelines it is a living document and shall be continually edited and updated. In year 2016, there have been major changes in Procurement Guidelines.

One of them is the enhancement of a Tender Committee (TOR) for the non-motor companies that aims to facilitate approvals by the approving parties while at the same time provide additional gatekeeping duties for both transparency and governance. We have also received valuable input and comments from all users in many areas of the guidelines. Where applicable, all these changes have been captured and illustrated in this revision of the Procurement Guidelines.

Please take note that in order to streamline the Procurement Guidelines with the Financial Limits of Authority Guidelines (FLAG); this Procurement Guidelines shall now be applicable

Procurement Guidelines, Version 4.0, Effective Date: 01/07/2019

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2. Supplier Registration Guidelines (SRG)

The SRG provides for a standardized process to evaluate and register our suppliers plus it mitigates the following concerns:

  1. The quality of suppliers in procurement sourcing; because the guidelines,
    • effectively pre-qualifies supplier, and
    • potential suppliers are to be registered first before participating in procurement activities.
  2. The performance of suppliers post-award; because the guidelines provides the method and templates to evaluate suppliers' performances by the users/project owners.

This document serves as a guideline on Supplier/Contractor registration requirements.

UMW Supplier Registration Guidelines, Version 1.4, Effective Date: 19/6/2019

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3. Download Forms

Document Download
1 PTP Checklist Download ↓
2 Request for Purchase - Direct Award Form Download ↓
3 Request for Purchase - Sourcing Form Download ↓
4 Template List of Suggested Bidders Download ↓
5 Supplier Registration Form (SRF) Download ↓
a) List of Work Categories Download ↓
b) Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Form Download ↓
c) Supplier's Letter of Declaration Download ↓
d) Personal Data Protection Notice Download ↓
e) UMW Supplier Terms & Conditions Download ↓
6 Supplier Performance Review (SPR) Form Download ↓
7 Vendor Satisfaction Survey (VSS) Form Download ↓
8 Request For Pre-contract Verification Download ↓
9 Pre-Contract Verification Form Download ↓

4. Sample Tender Documents

Tender Document and Invitation RM500K up to RM1M with Contract

Tender Document and Invitation RM500K up to RM1M without Contract

Tender Document and Invitation RM100K up to RM500K with Contract

Tender Document and Invitation RM100K up to RM500K without Contract

Acceptance of Information In Confidence

Statutory Declaration by director or partner

Supplier's Letter of Declaration

5. Non Procurement Items

Items that do not involve the action of procuring / purchasing of goods or services from vendors or third parties.

Non Procurement Items, Version 4

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