Car Rental Service At Kuala Lumpur Airport (KLIA)

Visiting Malaysia for your business trip or holiday trip?

You are most welcome here and have a good business deal or memorable holiday trip for you or your family / team.

But how about your vehicle arrangement here in Malaysia?

There are many car rental provider choices here in Kuala Lumpur especially at the airport.

In fact too many choices tent to make you feel confused and end up making a wrong choice due to the lower price ‘attraction’.

What To Look For Renting A Car In Kuala Lumpur?

Most of customer will always make the same mistakes when selecting a car rental company in Kuala Lumpur.

The WRONG criteria that they are always look for is go for the CHEAPEST AVAILABLE.

Please consider the CHEAPEST criteria as second last or the last in your decision making factor.

*REMEMBER! Cheaper option, always comes with cheaper quality.

These are some of our suggestion when renting a car in Kuala Lumpur or Malaysia :

  • Customer’s feedback / Testimony

This is the most reliable source in order to identify whether the choice that you made is really money worth it. Mostly the review or feedback is reflecting the actual service provided by the company.

  • Door-To-Door delivery service

This to ensure that you skip the hassle to collect the car at some isolated place or unfamiliar place just in order for you to get the car.

At ARA Car Rental, with a minimum charges, we have it deliver at the convenience of our customer. Whether door-to-door delivery at the airport or at your hotel lobby, you booked and we’ll delivery it for you.

  • Car Marking / Checklist Upon Handover

One of the most common mistakes that most of customer forgot to ensure is to have the car properly recorded or checked during the handover of the vehicle. Be it, during start of rental OR end of rental.


Car rental unit is not like your own private car. It has been used by many other. Thus any of the defect or scratches or dent or crack or what ever defect (you name it ) must be recorded properly in order to avoid any unnecessary responsible for any defect that is not made by you! Please request for properly car marking or checklist during the handover at start of the rental or end of the rental.

How is our practice for the transparent and properly car marking checklist?

At ARA Car Rental, we always improvised these tedious process yet so critical procedure to ensure both party have a proper record of the car condition BEFORE and AFTER the rental.

NOW with the so called video recording technology, we are currently satisfied of what we’ve achieved so far with this tedious process. And all our customer satisfied with the transparency of the whole process.

How we do it?

Please view HERE and HERE and many more examples.


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